2012.01.06   ZenoLink is set to take off in Baseball with ZenoLink partner ProPerformance Institute

Starting off the new year right!

ZenoLink partner ProPerformance Institute, forms partnership with the St. Louis Pirates Baseball Development Academy.

ProPerformance Institute and ProPitch will be working with the St. Louis Pirates Baseball Development Academy (PBDA), a college a pro development baseball club with approximately 200 players. PBDA operates out of The Sandlot, the premier baseball training facility in the region with more than 30,000 square feet of training area. Click here for photo gallery of The Sandlot facility.

ZenoLink will be used as part of an initial screening for all players in the PBDA. A functional movement screen will be done as well. Based on those results, an individualized training development plan will be created for each player to include strength and conditioning, instruction and PST exercises. Re-testing will be done to track progress and results will be recorded in a database for analysis. These data will be incorporated with performance data already tracked by PBDA staff (e.g., # pitches thrown per training session, % strikes/balls, % accuracy on throwing drills, pitch velocity, bat speed, etc.).

Russ Barker, founder of ProPerformance commented, "The really cool part of this is that all this data will be captured for kids as young as 11 yrs old through 18/19 yrs old – year after year after year. Can you imagine the information gathered just 2-3 years from now and what implications it may have!"

ZenoLink co-founder and CEO, Chris Welch is looking forward to making a trip to St. Louis sometime early this new year to do a presentation on hitting, pitching and base stealing biomechanics!